These are the three goals I am striving to achieve in my life:

Be a good father and partner. I want to be there for my family. And I want to repay them all the happiness and invaluable lessons they give me.

Become a martial arts master. And I mean the “master.” That requires attaining deep knowledge, understanding of and harmony with my own body. The main goal and means is increasing my body-awareness well beyond what is “normal” for most people. (While, of course, also practicing the basics, techniques, and principles and doing conditioning.) It is important for physical and mental health, for learning to be more present in the moment, for exploring and practicing many spiritual truths and approaches (such as non-doing) in the physical world.

“Enlightenment.” Get to know myself, discover and dissipate all the subconscious habits, impulses, fears, reactions, aversions and attractions that control most of my life. Thus becoming truly free and master of myself and cultivating compassion and inner peace - and, ultimately, happiness. As martial arts require mastering and deep understanding of the body, this requires mastering and deep understanding of the mind. Though they are just two sides of the same coin and are inextricably intertwined.