Thoughts about effective practice of martial arts. This is constantly under development.

Effective martial arts training:

  1. Apply Purposeful/Deliberate Practice (focus, goals, stretching the comfort zone, feedback, exercises focused on weaknesses, ….)
  2. Apply the latest sport science knowledge to achieve better results with less (wasted) effort - see Periodization: Theory and Methodology of Training
  3. Build better “Mental Representations” of the key concepts and techniques

*) I haven’t read the books yet but they have been recommended and are high on my list

Purposeful practice of Tai Chi Chuan

To improve your movements and posture and your mental representations of these, while practicing, focus on one of:

  • relaxed, smooth movements
  • (perception/awareness of) the center of the body
  • the use of the whole body as a unit, starting and stopping together
  • being aware of your back (often overlooked) / neck/head (where most (?) tension and movements start)
  • the central line of the body (and its alignment with and spatial relations to hands/legs in various techniques)
  • feet, balance, being grounded through them, weight transfer
  • awareness of the 3D space all around and my movements in and in relation to it